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  • Edee Carey

    Edee Carey


  • Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon.D.Bus.

    Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon.D.Bus.

    Malichi Group Worldwide ( Dubbed the "Go-To-Guy" for All things Trade. Have a successful day and think globally!

  • Harleyseyedin


  • Marius Døcker

    Marius Døcker

  • B The Change

    B The Change

    We exist to inform and inspire people who have a passion for using business as a force for good in the world. Published by B Lab and the community of B Corps.

  • kapeyapaan


    A servant of God who's passion in advocating peace led to spousing economics and peace. The economy of Peace. Thus the name Coffee for Peace. Kape + Kapayapaan.

  • Per L. Saxegaard

    Per L. Saxegaard

  • Faye Mayrhoo

    Faye Mayrhoo

    Passionate about social entrepreneurship and business for good!

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