Steve Killelea: A New Approach to Peace

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3 min readJun 23, 2021

What creates peace, how do we measure it and why do we need it? Find out in the debut book “Peace in the Age of Chaos” by businessman, philanthropist, and friend of Business for Peace, Steve Killelea.

The major challenges facing humanity are global in nature — climate change, pandemics, ever decreasing biodiversity, lack of usable fresh water and food security to name a few. Without a world that is basically peaceful, we will never get the levels of trust, cooperation and inclusiveness needed to solve these issues — yet, what creates peace is poorly understood.

In his groundbreaking new book, “Peace in the Age of Chaos: The Best Solution for a Sustainable Future”, Steve Killelea — founder of the world-renowned think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), and creator of the Global Peace Index — shares his personal journey to study and understand peace. He also shows how, through the combination of Positive Peace and systems thinking, we can build more peaceful and resilient societies that are better able to adapt to our constantly changing environments.

Steve chronicles his pursuit of peace through several perspectives: from religious and culturally influenced beliefs to business and politically rooted approaches. Whether it’s through the lens of a local farmer, successful self-made entrepreneur, to a woman fleeing Southern Sudan or a mother whose son was lost to homicide in Mexico, Steve’s exploration of peace is always grounded in the human experience.

Additionally, Steve expertly outlines eight pillars as reference for creating peace, pomoting“system thinking” to make them work together rather than individual action items. They hinge on responsible leadership, resilient institutions and the digitalisation of information. This list addresses functional governance, solid business environment, equitable distribution of resources, acceptance and tolerance of the rights of others, neighborly relations, free flow of information and data, and low levels of corruption.

As we continue to build in the wake of the pandemic, gaining momentum from the hard lessons it has taught us, “Peace in the Age of Chaos” encourages us to dive deeper into our thoughts on peace, to embrace collaboration, to become more globally conscious and most importantly, to cultivate the right attitudes to not only create positive peace, but to sustain it.

Our Managing Director, Marius Døcker, recently sat down with Steve to discuss the book and how the reflections on the page align with our #businessworthy mindset.

To view this exclusive two-part conversation and gain more insight into the extraordinary work Steve has committed his life to, visit our YouTube channel.

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